Who is Casac Benjali?

The Founder & Chariman of Benjali Life International Pvt Ltd
Casac Benjali is a passionate self-driven Success Strategist, Business Coach, Mind Expert, Spiritual Trainer, Author and Entrepreneur. He guides everyone to take out their peak potential with his vast knowledge and incredible skills, and helps to achieve their goal easily and change their life.

He helps Humans to find their real purpose and to discover their full potential through seminars, training and personal coaching. Entrepreneurs are served by him with the required tactics and strategies. People transform their business to next level with his tremendous training and guidance.

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Business Boom helps you to create entrepreneur mind set and leadership skill which will be an added advantage for you to manage your winning team and implement your strategies. Everything related to business will be covered in This one year offline and online programme and make them the best entrepreneurs.
And you are determined to make your life be what you want it to be!

Life Changing Events

Experience winning in your life
In Casac Benjali’s life changing seminar ‘Self-Mastery Elite’, you will be able to learn how to change your entire life from one point to another – from poverty to richness, ill-health to health, zero to hero, from depression to peacefulness, sadness to happiness, from bad relationship to healthy relationship, and above all, from failure to success.

Happy Clients

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Eva Brown

Eva Brown

CEO, asdfgfds

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Lora Davis

Lora Davis

MD, xxhcb

Having never worked with a life coach before, I really did not know what to expect. Wow, was I surprised! I found out I could make it whatever I needed. Working with Philip has been great.

George Wayland

George Wayland

Senior Manager, mmjjdd

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