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Top Seller - Intensive Sales Workshop

Top SellerSales is not a mere job, rather the foundation of every business. Salespeople are the most vital people in any business. The success of any companies will be counted based on the ups and downs in its sales volume. Unfortunately the scientific ways of sales are taught very less. The sales profession is a career that needs heavy training. “Top Seller by Casac Banjali” shares ideas, methods, strategies, and technics for salespeople to sell faster and easier than ever before and help them understand the Psychology of Selling to make selling more easily.

Are you still going after the outdated sales methods? The Top Seller Programme trains you to use modern sales technics to multiply your sales manifolds. This unique training programme that incorporates modern psychological methods and NLP techniques teaches you modern sales methods including the Hypnotic Sales.

Casac Benjali’s peak energetic sessions helps you increase your confidence as a salesperson, to behave and deal more spontaneously in a result-oriented way. The result of extensive research for years, this programme helps you to double and triple the gains in your career as a salesperson and in your business.The programme helps you to:

  • Achieve your sales goals consistently.
  • Excel in competition.
  • Learn the proven 7-step sales process.
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem.
  • Boost your communication and presentation skills.
  • Sell more in an energized, peak state.
  • Learn transactional selling to relationship selling.
  • Understand the psychology of sales.
  • Generate more leads from cold calls.
  • Achieve peak potential performance.
  • Know 101 prospecting methods.
  • Know 101 power closing methods.
  • Learn hypnotic selling.
  • Learn specific techniques to create sales.
  • Know 32 new referral methods.
  • Know 24 ways to win customers and double sales.
  • Reach exceeding sales targets.
  • Learn specific formula for success.
What will you learn?
  • How to use internet and social media in sales.
  • How to tele-market effectively.
  • How to create instant rapport and build trust.
  • How to master the art of persuasion.

Happy Customer

Happy CustomerThis training is specially designed to employees who handle customers in sales or service. This session is a great choice for every organization that directly deals with customers. Eg: Hotels, Hospitals, Banks, Government offices, Retail and Wholesale Businesses, Travel Industry etc. "Casac Benjali’s Happy Customer" will train people to stay happy and serve happiness. It includes soft skill training to handle customers in a more professional manner. This is an effective training for making our customer handling, communication, gestures and facial expression in a professional manner and making one to be stress free. Happy service makes Happy Customers that results in Improved Business.

Stress Management

StressTired of trying all the tips to stay stress free?
To be able to overcome stress, the real change needs to happen in your subconscious mind. The secret to beat stress is to conquer your mind first. This is what most successful business people or even sports people do. Successful individuals practice advanced techniques to totally control their mind. This extraordinary session with Casac Benjali will teach you advanced techniques to control your mind to stay calmer and more positive in any situation. By staying calm under pressure situations you can increase the productivity of the team. All they need to do is to practice the techniques by sparing a few minutes every day. Once they make these proven techniques of Casac Benjali a part of their life, the team will hit the target effortlessly. This training transforms the team to become happier and ready to face the fast paced life without stressing about it.


UnstopableThis 4 or 8 Hours session is designed to enhance human productivity to its peak level. Different scientific exercises are included to remove their mental block to perform well. This training suits to everyone in the organization, from top to bottom because it is specially designed to enhance everyone’s productivity. This training guarantees the physical activeness of human power and helps one to be active and vibrant, which is an essential part in customer care and sales. This program helps anybody to keep the work - life balance . This is Casac Benjali’s signature program in corporate training. This workshop includes most effective stress-free life tools.

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