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Business BoomSuccess in entrepreneurship isn’t just about your idea or your money. Plenty of people have interesting ideas or a lot of cash to throw around and they never manage to find success in their ventures. Continuous changes in the industry has affected the life span of business these days. The critical factor is “tremendous competition”. even though the volume is high the business never becomes profitable. After investing a huge amount for infrastructure the industry itself vanishes even before attaining break. "Casac Benjali’s Business boom" makes you learn and implement strategies to manage this uncertain scenario of market. This Programme help entrepreneurs break all the barriers that are holding them back and help focus on the actions necessary to achieve their goals.

This One Year Course is the best solution for those who require a clear plan and strategies to excel in their business. The training sessions cover the aspects such as, how to manage an inconsistent and low productive human resource and transform them to a winning team.

Business Boom teaches you to overcome all the challenges in your business by analyzing all the aspects such as, product, prospect, finance, market etc. This programme helps you create Blue Ocean by using all competitive advantages. This session transforms your business from loss to profit within a short span of time by making you learn and implement success strategies.

Business Boom helps you create an entrepreneur mind set and leadership skill which will be an added advantage for you to manage your winning team and implement your strategies. Everything related to business will be covered in This one year offline and online programme to make a normal business man a successful one.

As we all know Harvard University is one of the best Business Schools in the world and Business Boom is the only online course that follows the same Syllabus of Harvard. The Success Strategist and Business Coach Casac Benjali aims to share his knowledge to the budding and struggling entrepreneurs as well for their support and encouragement. Hence he accomplishes his motive to serve the society.

What will you learn?
  • How to Plan your business?
  • How to implement your business ideas?
  • How to increase sales?
  • How to marginalize Business?
  • How to create blue ocean?
  • Marketing strategies
  • Costing and Budgeting
  • Business Model
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Product Ideas
  • Competitive advantage
  • Market Research etc.

Millionaire Mindset

Millionare MindsetHow to attain financial freedom ?
It has been observed that People who manage huge business also face financial liabilities. Have you ever thought, why you are not getting financial freedom even after doing anything and everything to gain money? The blue print of our thought, the thinking pattern regarding money which developed from our childhood days blocks the money flow towards us. Casac Benjali’s 4 month course, “Millionaire Mindset” reveals the secret behind the mindset of the richest people. These sessions reprogram the belief system of your mind by removing wrong mindset and change your mind set to attract money and financial freedom. The secret of wealth creation is hidden inside the thinking pattern. If you can acquire that thought process, you are going to make millions and billions of dollars. These amazing sessions with Casac Benjali remove the hindrances in your mind in the way of creating wealth and to attract infinite wealth to your life. You get to attract more wealth to your life through your work and business by getting out of the limited convictions about wealth. The Programme also includes information about the new scopes of business worldwide as well as the new trends in technology along with how to manage wealth. This offline and online programme covers all the topics related to financial Management within four months.

The importance of this training programme is its simplicity that makes it easy for you to apply the accelerated training programme in your life.

What will you learn?
  • The psychology to create good wealth.
  • Recognize the wrong convictions about wealth in your sub-conscious mind and create a mental state to attract wealth.
  • How to have a mind that creates wealth.
  • How to bring success to business.
  • Habits of billionaires.
  • Billionaire mental strategies.
  • Secrets for a quick way in money-making.

Spiritual Recharge

Spiritual RechargeOur natural state is to be blissful and we all inherently aim to be in this state but the people around us, our living style and our surroundings disturb our inner spiritual light and our life gets polluted by all these distractions and interference. Casac Benjali’s Spiritual Recharge helps you identify your inner strength and to find out the real purpose of your life. This is a mental divine energy creation programme. These extra ordinary sessions transform your energy level and helps you attain extreme happiness and make you realize your own identity. This program is the best treatment to cure all mental illness by attaining our peak energy level which helps you to lead your life filled with peacefulness and happiness; it’s a complete healing program which removes all mental blocks regarding happiness and financial struggles and inspires to move fast towards your real purpose. Spiritual recharge creates mental focus in you through exercises therapies and meditations. This programme brings the real power of your mind and to reach any of your goals easily and you can achieve ultimate happiness, ultimate peacefulness, ultimate energy and extreme success in your life.

What will you learn?
  • How to Bring Mindfulness to Your Recovery
  • Faith and Strength
  • Powers of the Mind
  • Focus Technique
  • How to create mental divine energy?

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