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Self Mastery

self masteryAre you failing again and again? Do you want to know the reason behind your failure?
Attending Casac Benjali’s life changing seminar “Self-Mastery”, you will be able to learn how to change your entire life from one point to other. He teaches you how to identify the real problems in your life and will guide you to fix them, using the accelerated learning system and provide you with learning and exercise materials. The seminar will give you a new vision towards life.

Casac Benjali’s Self-Mastery helps you achieve your goals by re-programming your mind easily in a very short time. This Programme helps you to achieve health, wealth, success, peace, happiness and good relations by re-programming your mind scientifically.

The result of the training session is 100% assured. success for this programme It is blended with some modern technics and simple training sessions that are very easy to understand. We also provide the same course online with a duration of 21 days.

What will you learn?
  • What is human mind?
  • How does the human mind work?
  • What is law of attraction?
  • How does fear grow in our mind and how to overcome it?
  • What is the language of mind?
  • How to imagine scientifically?
  • How to give commands to mind?
  • The psychology of wealth
  • The Psychology to gain good health
  • Five pillars to gain health

Success Engineering

success engineeringSuccess depends on a person’s mental programming and character. Basically it is the thought that leads to habitual action. Casac Benjali’s Success engineering is the reengineering of mental programming, which will lead a habitual change in human mind and help one to achieve his goal easily.

Lack of Specific Goal is one of the major problems faced by many and the result is low energy, low enthusiasm, bad habits, emotional imbalance like Anger, stress, tension and many more. This training program removes your entire mental block and helps you set clear strategies towards your goal. This session with Casac Benjali will make you to realize your passion and goal in life and reprogram your mind to focus on your goal by eliminating the challenges that come in your way.

The thought process is responsible for all your actions. Success Engineering includes exercises and therapies that make your mind ready to change. The session will set the strategy for more energy, mental power, and super productivity and hence will lead to successful action. This peak energy transformation sessions are available both offline and online for your convenience.

What will you learn?
  • Mental programming
  • What to be programmed
  • How to increase energy and mental power
  • How to create a new habitual program
  • How to prepare successful action plan?
  • Why do we have bad habits?
  • Why do we respond and interpret badly?
  • Mental exercise
  • Focus Technique ( Distraction Management)

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